We are committed to helping our teachers learn and grow.
St. Giles

offers competitive salaries and career opportunities

At St. Giles Preschool, motivated, happy and contented staff are as important as happy and contented children. We like to take care of our staff by providing excellent working conditions, a competitive salary and a commitment to career development. We believe in an open and honest two-way communication process; one where everybody, administration and staff, work towards the same goals.

Excellent Workspaces

Career Development

Competitive Salary

Health & Wellness

We are always on the lookout for talented people like you and periodically have internship positions for those who may be considering a career in teaching. If you are interested in a position at St. Giles or would like to have more information about our job openings / Internships, please use the contact forms to get in touch with us.

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